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UCAN – the name says it all! We celebrate the courage to realize your dreams and potential against all odds to create your UCAN Moment. Our moment starts with a mother and father’s quest to find a solution for their son. It is a story of need, determination, chance and triumph.

REVOLV Performance

An ingenious design enables the Revolv Performance Barbell Roller to function like no other massage tool. It’s an all-in-one roller with a shape and firmness that allows you to precisely target and release muscle knots. For added control, it fits on an Olympic barbell, giving you the power to administer self-massage and trigger point therapy to parts of the body which are difficult or even impossible to reach with ordinary foam rollers, massage balls, and handheld stick rollers. 
Mounted in a rack, the barbell acts as a fixed axle allowing you to roll at your preferred height. Outside of a rack, the barbell acts a weighted handle, so that the Revolv Barbell Roller achieves better results through passive massage over relaxed muscles.



We are a fitness and lifestyle brand offering a variety of cardio and strength-based class options, yoga, mediation, and more. Head to our website and social media to tap into expert lifestyle content including meal prep, life coaching, and our JUST doctor series about skin care and stress relieving techniques. All JUST classes and content is open to all levels, no matter where you’re located. #just

Balanced Aesthetics

Our all-encompassing approach of treating the Whole You starts with our team creating a customized wellness and aesthetics plan to successfully help you reach all of your goals. Whether those goals are anti-aging, weight management, body contouring, enhanced beauty, optimal health, or just becoming the most confident you possible, we’ve got you covered! Call to book your complimentary consultation today!

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