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A Little Bit About Me

Growing up I was very fortunate to have a father that was very athletic and a mother, who through family circumstances, did quite a bit of research on various topics with in the medical field such as cancer, diets, anything covering health.  Because of this, at an early age I was very aware of the type of food I was consuming as well as how it was affecting me. Not to say that I never ate bad food of course, but I was outside playing daily, rain or shine.  I am so grateful to both my parents for teaching me quality lessons that would ultimately guide me to stay positive and self-motivated, through good and bad times. Those disciplines and behaviors have stuck with me to this very day. 

      As I grew older, there wasn’t a sport I didn’t play - I have always loved trying new things. When trying new things there also comes a lot of failure. Nonetheless my competitive drive mixed with a positive attitude allowed me to have a lot of fun, finding a lot of joy in exercise.  Although my high level of competition stopped in college, my daily routine of quality exercise and nutrition only grew stronger.  I’ve recovered through some serious injuries, had emotional highs and lows, good and bad coaches but regardless of the circumstance I continued to push through, taking one step at a time.  Needless to say, over the years I have found so much joy in the process of competing against myself as well as others;  failing, learning, growing, but I noticed as I got older that wasn’t the same experience for others.  My mother then gave me the idea of studying to be a Personal Trainer and I loved the idea, the thought of exercising and staying healthy for a career sounded great and I was able to help others at the same time.   After receiving certifications from N.P.T.I. & NASM I got my first Personal Training job at Life Time Fitness in 2008 and it was the start of the most gratifying career I could have ever imagined.  Over my 11-year career with Life Time I have traveled across the country training numerous groups and individuals of all ages whether weight loss driven, strength focused or simply wanting to get healthier, and there is no better gratification than knowing I helped someone along their fitness journey.  I want to mention that training at Life Time provided incredible opportunities that I will be forever grateful, from the consistent high level of education, the amazing people I met and still have in my life, whether friends, clients, co-workers, or the knowledgeable staff I was inspired daily to one day build a business I can call my own.  With the incredible work environment and my open-minded approach to nutrition and exercise I was able to build quality training programs, refine and sharpen my training techniques, broaden my mind around nutrition; even to where in 2017 my wife and I made a change to our diets and started eating plant based, 2 years later we haven’t had animal products since.  My own fitness journey has been pretty interesting to say the least, but the experience has led me to a sense of passion and wealth that I must share.  A little over a year ago a “pandemic” hit the world and people pivoted,  as many were forced into unforeseen circumstances.  My passion for training was put to the test as being healthy became a priority for the world.  This was the final push that inspired me to take a leap of faith and begin my own business as I am so blessed to be sharing this with you right now.  Through positive influence, quality hard work and the consistent practice of raising the awareness of one’s light and strength from within, I only hope to leave a loving imprint that will create long lasting behaviors leading to a beautiful quality of life.  Thank you for joining and Welcome to Conscious Athletics.

Miguel J. Ortiz
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