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" Miguel is the best trainer out there.   His workouts are always challenging and effective.  He is positive and supportive the entire work out.  He helped me overcome injuries and become stronger than I have ever been.  From strength training to cardio workouts, mobility, and trigger point Miguel can help you get stronger and achieve your goals.    Hands down Miguel is the trainer you want."

Jennifer O.

" Coach Ortiz is one of a kind when it comes to offering his knowledge and genuine care for the wellbeing of others. I was privileged to be a part of his 6am crew that met 3 days a week. Although the group was filled with ambitious and energized team members, Coach Ortiz definitely led the pack with his contagious energy and motivation. Despite our group being of 20+ team members, each of us felt like we all had a unique connection to Coach because he was intentional about learning about us as individuals - not just our health, wellness, and fitness goals, but also our personal and family life. He definitely fostered a sense of community amongst us, while challenging each of us to push past our individuals "plateaus" to discover our true ability. He was sympathetic, and empathetic when the time called for it, but he made sure to implement a standard of excellence by not taking any excuses! His overall approach and personability is a major part of what kept our team so close, even during the tough 2020 year when we had to take our training virtual. To-date all team members practice the skills learned from our time with Coach Ortiz and we all remain in communication knowing that what we were gifted during our time under Coaches watch was special, valuable, and will continue to make us better athletes and individuals as we move forward! I HIGHLY recommend Coach Ortiz to anyone who simply doesn't want to settle for mediocracy, and discover their higher self! "


" Best in the business – Hands down. 
Coming from the guy who historically would go through the on-again, off-again workout regiments – I found that l could not stop the workout routine Miguel would structure. His classes kept me engaged and committed for the longest period of time I’ve ever worked out. All the way up until COVID shut down the gym and even then, Miguel had us on virtual classes that were just as engaging and rewarding as the in-person ones. " Miguel’s ability to constantly keep the workouts changing while pushing yourself to be your best is a true gift. I’d recommend Miguel to all my family and friends!


" Miguel is hands down one of the kindest, most caring, and overall effective instructors and trainers that I've ever worked with. His "no holds barred" attitude will force you to push yourself to another level - getting stronger, faster, leaner and more athletic than you could have ever imagined possible. The wonderful thing about Miguel and his teaching style is that it is truly open to all levels of fitness, ranging from and appealing to former athletes who have worked out all of their lives to folks who are simply trying to get started. "

He was also able to remain my coach during both of my pregnancies - guiding and advising me on modifications that nevertheless allowed me to feel motivated, encouraged, and walk away feeling like I've conquered the world! 

Trust me - you will NOT be disappointed! 

Cindy A.

Miguel Ortiz is unequivocally the BEST trainer!  He has a vast knowledge of the human body, its mechanics and movement patterns and then translates that into his programming suited to the individual needs of his clients.  Miguel also manages team based training that works for EVERY level from beginner to elite athletes. He has a unique way of pushing and driving his clients to  be the best version of themselves.  He is highly motivated in spreading positivity that becomes contagious and reciprocated within the trainer / client relationship or even team / group setting.  Don’t think this means it will be easy, you will just feel better throughout the workout and after because he is always supportive and encouraging.

Scotty H.

" Miguel is a great coach! He designs both challenging and fun workouts for all levels of athletics. The positive energy he brings to class every day is contagious. The workouts breed a fun competitive environment which pushed the whole class to be better. 

I didn’t realize how much I looked forward to those 6 AM workouts until they were gone."


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