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Move with a Purpose | Live with Gratitude

A qualified and accredited trainer through N.P.T.I, PPSCm, NASM, CES, PES & Precision Nutrition since 2008.  Through positive influence, quality hard work and the consistent practice of raising the awareness of one’s light and strength from within, I only hope to leave a loving imprint that will create long lasting behaviors leading to a beautiful quality of life.

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Making a Positive Impact One Life At a Time

I truly believe in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, one must not only have balanced eating behaviors and training routines but also practice various levels mindfulness.  By properly training the mind, the body will follow.

The body becomes what the foods are; as the spirit becomes what the thoughts are. ~ Ancient Kemetic Proverb

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Unequivocally the BEST trainer!  He has a vast knowledge of the human body, its mechanics and movement patterns and then translates that into his programming suited to the individual needs of his clients.  Miguel also manages team based training that works for EVERY level from beginner to elite athletes.

Scotty H.

Miguel is hands down one of the kindest, most caring, and overall effective instructors and trainers that I've ever worked with. His "no holds barred" attitude will force you to push yourself to another level - getting stronger, faster, leaner and more athletic than you could have ever imagined possible. The wonderful thing about Miguel and his teaching style is that it is truly open to all levels of fitness, ranging from and appealing to former athletes who have worked out all of their lives to folks who are simply trying to get started.

Cindy A.

Miguel is the best trainer out there.  
His workouts are always challenging and effective.  He is positive and supportive the entire work out.  He helped me overcome injuries and become stronger than I have ever been.  From strength training to cardio workouts, mobility, and trigger point Miguel can help you get stronger and achieve your goals.    Hands down Miguel is the trainer you want.

Jennifer O.

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Breathing Practices
"Know your WHY"

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